Stop Comparison Before it Stops you.

While working towards improving your life, it is easy to fall into the trap of comparison.

When you compare yourself to others, oftentimes, you feel you are simply just considering the similarities or dissimilarities whereas unintentionally, what you are doing is comparing the best features in others against your average or worst features and this can lead to issues of self-esteem and insecurity.

Also, it is not good to compare yourself with people worse off than you because you are trying to gain a sense of superiority.

It takes a remarkable level of discipline and an amazing height of understanding to be satisfied with one’s achievements. When you get to this new level of contentment with yourself in life, and your commitment is to be better than your previous or present self rather than striving to outdo someone else, then you have unlocked a new pathway to unending happiness.


When you stop comparing yourself to others and focus on yourself and your aspirations, you will start being better at what really matters.

5 thoughts on “Stop Comparison Before it Stops you.”

  1. That’s great.only fools compare themselves with others.

    The attraction is to be like Jesus Christ our master and lord.we strive to confirm to the image and statue of our lord.As the best of us is in his personality that is in us.

    As everyone in Christ is a new creation.A transform and confirmation be like christ that is actualiseable on by conforming to the word of God.

    Other ways are human efforts that are individualistic,full of human imperfections.

  2. Only an ingrate and ungrateful one can compare oneself with someone else. When comparing, remember those on wheelchairs,on the sick bed,in the motuary, the less privileged, the orphan etc. Maybe you are living in a 3bed room apartment and you remember that your colleague is living in 6-7rooms duplex, and it becomes your headache, before you know it you have developed high blood pressure. Mind you, you cannot change one’s destiny neither will you change your own. Comparison is very dangerous. Be warned.

  3. Really, this is what leads so many people to self-pity which in turn leads to frustration or depression. This is a dangerous situation. To avoid comparing yourself with others, take time to talk positively to yourself. Praise yourself for the “little” achievements you have made on your journey in life. Those in the graves do not have any more opportunities to change their destinies but you are alive and can change your destiny. With God on your side the sky is your starting point!!!????

  4. We all are unique in our own ways hence there’s really no need to compare ourselves. We all have things that are good about us, and things we are working on improving. Life is a Journey towards a better version of ourselves. So we should look at our uniqueness and always be grateful to God. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very true…
    As the scriptures says “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise”

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