The truth is, nowadays, everyone seems to have an opinion about almost everything.

We now live in a world where once you share your plans or thoughts with someone, they automatically seem to have a strong idea and opinion on how you should go about things, even in subjects in which they have no experience, knowledge, or expertise.

The days are long gone into oblivion when once you share a thought, idea, or plan with someone you’d hear responses such as; “Give me some time to think about it before I advise you, or I will talk to an expert in this field on your behalf and respond to you, or I will pray for you concerning this matter and respond to you based on God’s desire for you.”

Our today’s reality reveals the fact that we live in a strongly opinionated society where if we don’t thread carefully, and prioritize our choices, every other person aside from ourselves will be the master of our lives.



You must understand that while people are free to give you solicited or unsolicited advice and opinions about your life, the choice to accept or reject and more importantly, take responsibility for your choices is up to you.

You should get comfortable with asking people the source of their opinions. Respectfully ask if they sought expert advice, had a previous experience, or prayed to God about the subject before trying to influence your choices.




It is risky and a big gamble to take your life decisions based on people’s opinions.

Your decisions should be based on well-sought-out and guided counsel from God.

The Bible book of Proverbs chapter 3 and verse 5 teaches us to Trust in God with all our Hearts and not to lean even in our own understanding, but to acknowledge God in all our ways for directions.

Also, the Bible book of Isaiah chapter 11 and verse 3 reveals that we should not judge by what we see or decide by what we hear, but take our actions by trusting God.

This my friends are how you should make your decisions in today’s world of opinions.


Heart of Dave

9 thoughts on “WORLD OF OPINIONS”

  1. “It is risky and a big gamble to take your life decisions based on people’s opinions.”

    Funny enough this summarises how most of us live. Very risky.

  2. Good news can only come from good people, no good person will love to give out bad news to his loved one, Bad news always comes from bad people, and bad people are always happy when they give out bad news. Wisdom is given to us for a reason, and those who know the reason for wisdom will make use of it, keep it up, brother. Man, I love your world of opinions.

  3. Hmm…..This is very true of our world today. Everyone has an opinion. Decisions should not be made on the opinion(s) of others. You have rightly termed it “Risky”. Proverbs 3:5 provides us with the perfect solution. Thank you for this piece.

  4. Quite informative and educative. Sadly that’s the world we live in now but we must be responsible for our choices. Thanks for this piece.

  5. This is a very insightful write up. We must be guided by our minds and not be misguided by people around us. The guiding principle should be: what will be the outcome of my choice? Positive or Negative? May the The God of WISDOM empower us with wisdom to make the right choice.???

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