A Brother Indeed

A Brother indeed.

Here’s to my brother who my heart delights in.

It is an honour for me to stand with you on a day like this.

In 2006, I accompanied you to the University of Ibadan after being admitted to study Physiotherapy. I frequently visited you in Ibadan until you decided not to continue in your 3rd year.

In 2009, you were admitted to study Medicine & Surgery at the University of Lagos. There I was again, constantly visiting anytime I could. Although you decided not to continue with that in your 3rd year, I had faith you will find your amazing landing.

You were admitted to the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, and there I was again. Your favourite location manager, always showing up.

Today, I am Glad I attended your Graduation.

I Give All Glory to God.

You are such a Strong Man Dear Brother.

God Gives His toughest battles to his Strongest Soldiers.

I know those experiences in 3 different fields of study will come in useful to everyone around you.


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