Don’t Pity Me

Let’s keep this simple and say things as they are.

My daily prayer has always captured my desire to contribute and add value wherever I find myself and to give resources and offer solutions to everyone I meet.

In every company I’ve kept thus far, I have strategically and intentionally positioned myself to operate from the giving side and not the receiving side (there’s nothing wrong with being on the receiving side of life where your benefit is your priority).



Days of Little beginnings

My resolution to reject pity consciously started in 2001. I was just 10 years old and in primary 6 (Grade 6) when my father passed on.

About the time of my father’s demise, the primary school I attended had just increased the school fees. While many many parents were complaining about the huge school fees increment and contemplating other alternatives, the management of the school gave me full scholarship for the rest terms I had till I completed my primary education.

During that period, I remember that some people who were aware of my new scholarship status were of the opinion that the school gave me a scholarship out of pity because of my father’s demise. I was always quick to address their opinions at such a naive and tender age by telling them that; I was the school’s debate club leading orator, the school’s music band captain and also the goal-keeper of the school’s football team and in my narrative and defense, those values I added to the school were the reasons why the school awarded me a scholarship after my father’s demise, and not out of sheer pity.

This was my attempt at age 10 to reject being a subject of pity but rather a dealer in value, and this laid the molding blocks for me to opt for a life of value over pity.



Building on Solid Grounds

For the next few years I spent in secondary school (high school) and the university, I went on without breathing a word of my father’s demise to anyone simply because I did not want to attract pity from anybody, rather, I wanted my relationships to be based on the value I brought to the table.

It was much later after my university education that my university friends through the university’s publication where I was interviewed and gave insights to my background, found out that I was raised by a single mother because of my father’s demise. I still remember how my phone buzzed most part of that weekend with calls and messages from my university friends. Some called to mention that they were inspired by the fact that I was not limited by my situation, while others called to express their anger for me to keep such a vital information about myself from them. In all, non of the callers expressed pity towards me or treated me differently, and that was my goal.



Reality Check

In October 2022, my beloved mother who was a valuable part of my life went to be with the LORD, and although it was a huge blow, I still did not want to be pitied. I was able to embrace a mantra that captures my mother’s name; HOPE, and this gave me strength in my weakness. The mantra; NO HOPE IS LOST, was powerful enough to set me on my feet again and to reject the pity people presented me with.


So, trust me when I say; I don’t want to be pitied because No Hope is Lost.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Pity Me”

  1. No hope is lost indeed and you do not need the pity because you are David and you know what that means. Gos is not sleeping and He that keepeth you does not slumber. He will always make a way for you. Congratulations and many happy returns.

  2. Chinyere Dave aronu

    This is a beautiful and Inspiring write up. I enjoyed reading it and l commend your tenacity to life. Keep it up HD

  3. Nice one.
    Expecting pity is just like feeling hopeless and accepting defeat. Everything is possible here and now. It is equally joyful to soar bravely on the wings of Grace.

  4. Whaooh what a wonderful piece. So challenging and encouraging at the same time. The Lord is your strength my beloved keep waxing great for Him

  5. Anaka Deborah N.

    Indeed we have lost no HOPE. Your little beginning is building up to a Great Ending. Who can build and it can stand if God is not The Foundation?Keep it up dearie. Your parents are already proud of you ????????????????????????. Keep moving to Higher Grounds by the Grace of God. You don’t deserve any pity at all✌️✌️????????????????

  6. It is really inspiring to learn from your wealth of experience built over the years. Though young, you are full wisdom. I commend your tenacity, boldness, and approach to life. The definition we give to life is what it manifests. Truly “No Hope is lost” … soar on wings as eagles as you go through Life. Yours is indeed a success story.

  7. Happy birthday dear brother,life comes in different shades and how we live it brings testimonies or regrets,I am glad that you are testifying and also encouraging others.
    Thanks for this wonderful piece.
    No Hope is lost

  8. Truly, all hope is not lost. I admire your doggednes regardless of life’s circumstances. A preacher once said that, if you have lost anything in life, God is the reason you’ve not lost it all. So keep soaring dear friend. I wish you more wisdom and blessings as you continue to celebrate ???? more years on earth. Happy birthday

  9. Pat Austin-Akaigwe

    I am indeed touched by this masterpiece. Indeed, no Hope is lost! Your doggedness in the face of what the world see as a challenge/pitiable situation is worthy of emulation!
    Keep soaring high, knowing that God is over them all!!

    Happy Birthday Dave!

  10. This is beautiful
    Pity is far from your domain and will always be. You are more than a conqueror
    Happy birthday and congratulations

  11. No hope is lost. Beautiful read as always.
    Giving in to pity has the ability to limit your dreams, goals and your ambition and gives no room for determination and resilience.
    Thanks for that reminder.
    PS: so music has been in you from primary school? Incredible! Please come and teach me

  12. Life and Hope! As long as we are alive, we remain hopeful in all things! And keep adding VALUE.
    It’s also the essence of life.
    Belated Happy Birthday and Congratulations.
    It’s your best year already????
    So Sorry it’s coming late.

  13. Life and Hope! As long as we are alive, we remain hopeful in all things! And we keep adding VALUE.
    It’s also the essence of life.
    Belated Happy Birthday and Congratulations.
    It’s your best year already.
    So Sorry it’s coming late.

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