When You Give: Turn Off Your Camera

You have probably heard it said that “Giving is Caring.”

Giving is a vital aspect that shapes every human culture. Our lives are centred on giving and this is affirmative because we find ourselves often in positions of either giving or receiving from a giver on daily basis.


With the global emergence and acceptance of various mainstream and social media platforms, and in a bid to be noticed, accepted, and seen as a relevant part of the society, it has become a norm for a seemingly growing number of people around the world to capture, record and publicly display (usually through social media) moments that in every logical sense, should be private.


As such, one moment that is truly expected to be a personal moment for us is; when we give, especially when giving to people in need.

Our orientation when giving or carrying out acts of charity should not be with the intention of being noticed.


Using the lens of God’s word, Jesus Christ’s teaching about giving to the needy in Matthew (6 verses 1 to 4), emphasizes that our attitude towards giving should be with the mindset and intent of not being seen or heard, but to embrace a private and personal approach to giving, as this is the kind of giving that God rewards.


When giving is done with the intent of being seen and noticed, it simply emphasizes that such a giver is an attention seeker and the reward for such giving will be the attention received.



As you strive to live your best life, always remember that “Giving is Caring.”

8 thoughts on “When You Give: Turn Off Your Camera”

  1. Personally whenever I give I do so anonymously. However, I do not hastily conclude that whoever gives publicly does so to get noticed or to show off
    Some do so to inspire others on the importance of giving by walking the talk and not just talking the talk or to create awareness of a need that needs to be attended to.

    I am in all fours with doing so anonymously however, if the intentions are noble for doing so publicly, I believe it’s still in order.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. My thoughts exactly!
    But when being asked why the come along with cameras, they claim to do it to inspire others to give and show the condition/ situation the masses or less privilege suffers!!
    Nice one!!

  3. My take on the discuss on ground is that I see giving and receiving as a sacred act exercised with the love of God at heart with no showoff

  4. I see giving as a Ministry, and it takes the grace of GOD for one to establish his or her ministry and when established the hunger to bear fruits will be there and GOD alone will norture, preserve and multiple the fruit and the producer. Secondly, giving is a commandent, give and it shall be given unto you good measures, running over shall Men give unto you, so when you give with good heart without looking at people’s reward,GOD ALMIGHTY will fulfill HIS promise upon your life, so I encourage everyone to be a geniue giver

  5. The essential part of giving is to give without expectations. If one could do that then,one has fulfilled the gospel of the kingdom. It’s takes discipline for one to accomplish that.

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