Life From 30 (Preview)

A few days ago I turned 30 (3 May 2021). While preparing and anticipating my 30th, I spent some days reflecting on lessons I have learnt and experiences I have had so far.

In my 20s, I made conscious efforts to become close friends and acquaint myself with people who were 35 and above in age. The reason I opted to having friends who were much older and with more life lessons and experiences than myself was simply to prepare myself better to handle each day as it comes.

Having friends who are much older than me turned out to be a blessing in almost all aspects. In the years of our friendship, I did not hold back in asking questions, sharing my thoughts and seeking out their best advice on life issues such as; relationship, career, finance, leisure, friendship and many more. I will not say I agree with their views always, but it is truly satisfying to get their perceptions, see things from their point of scope and listen to their best advice on various subjects.

Weeks before I turned 30, I had the idea to put together and publish these amazing life lessons, advice and stories from my friends who are successful professionals in various fields and from different cultures. I have been saturated with their knowledge over the years and the results are quite evident.

Life from 30 promises to be the best publication so far from Heart of Dave Magazine with promises of spectacular results from anticipated readers.

On this note, I must say a hearty thank you to all my friends who have made this a reality through conversations we have had. Thank you for the gift of friendship.

Scheduled Print Release

Life from 30 by Heart of Dave Magazine will be available in print copies from 20 June 2021.

Copies can be Pre-ordered or reserved by contacting the publisher.

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  1. Happy birthday, welcome into another era of keeps getting better.wishing your more glorious years ahead.

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