Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship

Relationships can be tricky. Sometimes they are difficult to navigate and you get so comfortable with unhappiness that you forget what happiness feels like.

But when you are in the right relationship, everything is different. The sun shines brighter, your smiles are bigger, and even doing mundane chores becomes more enjoyable.

It is good to have clear signs and know that you are in the right relationship. It is also good to have tasks that you can work on to improve your relationship.

All relationships are filled with ups and downs. So how do you know you are in a healthy relationship? Let’s find out.

1. You give each other personal space.

Healthy couples naturally spend a lot of time together. But they also recognize the importance of doing things separately. Personal space is important in any relationship. We all need time to explore, reflect, and express ourselves individually.

2. You trust each other.

Great relationships are built on the foundation of trust. Think about a bad relationship you or a friend has been in. Chances are, they had trust issues. Trusting your partner is vital, and it takes time to build.

3. You don’t rush milestones.

Couples in healthy relationships recognize that the best things in life are worth waiting for. That is why they don’t rush important life milestones. They savour every moment of building a life together patiently and not relenting in hard work.

4. You can talk about anything.

Healthy couples tell each other everything. Speaking your mind can be incredibly difficult at times, but people in healthy relationships don’t hold back–even when the truth hurts.

5. You inspire each other to be better.

Healthy relationships are also built on mutual motivation and inspiration. Your partner should inspire you to be your best self, to face difficult challenges, and to change the world. Those in unhealthy relationships are usually content with mediocrity.

6. You appreciate the little things.

Life’s most beautiful moments often sneak up on us and catch us off-guard. Healthy couples recognize and appreciate these moments when they occur. They know the small, seemingly insignificant moments are what makes life worth sharing.

7. You accept each other for who you are.

People in healthy relationships accept each other and their flaws also. This doesn’t mean you should encourage your significant other to accept mediocrity. It does, however, mean you should accept who your partner chooses to be. Remember, there are cracks in everything, but that’s how the light gets in.

8. You hold each other up during tough times.

Life will throw you lemons every now and then. It’s inevitable. A sign of a healthy relationship is how you support each other during these trying times. Don’t be afraid to cry together.

9. You’re able to let go of the past.

People in healthy relationships know that failure and mistakes are nothing but pathways to attain greater things. They don’t let past stumbles dictate their current relationship. We can be hurtful creatures at times. But as long as we use these moments to grow and learn, our relationships can become stronger. Finally:

10. Your relationship has gotten stronger over time.

The ultimate sign of a relationship that’s sustainable for the long-term is that it slowly builds, developing deeper roots with each passing year. There are lots of things that help make this happen. Most importantly, people in healthy relationships take the time to say (and mean) the following words often: I love you, Thank you and I am sorry.


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