People decide to join the police for different reasons best known to them. From my understanding, some joined because they are passionate and care about human lives, probably same way some doctors feel about human lives. These set of police officers would go the extra mile to unravel mysteries even if it means putting their lives in the line of fire. They are quite emotional and when you have the opportunity to meet them, probably to report a crime, they tend to be kind, understanding, assuring and ready to put in the extra work required to ensure that things are alright. Some chose to join because they are passionate about law and order. Those who joined because they crave to enforce law and order are those you might consider as strict officers. They do not flip or act weirdly, they simply do everything by the book, they dislike disorder. These set of officers prefer to keep it professional, they never want to be found wanting. Some people also joined the police because of power. They simply love it when they are in charge. These set, find it fascinating to be in control of others in ways they desire, hence, the police has become the safe haven where they feel supreme and in control. Finally, some people joined the police because it was the only available option of being employed . These set do not care about the hazards or commitments that come with the job, they simply want to be in a safe zone long enough to get their salaries at the end of every month. Although it is tempting to think, I choose not to believe that there are people who would join the police simply because they crave to bear guns and enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with chasing bad guys as we see in movies.


It is important to know that behind every man or woman in a police uniform, is; a father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, lover and even guardian. Yes, they are humans also just like us, which implies they are allowed to have mood swings, suffer from broken relationships, worry about a sick child, mourn the loss of a loved one and also think about children’s school fees amongst other bills we also worry about . They are not super humans, but are people who also look forward to the end of the month to take something home to family members.


The police are not expected to serve as your personal acquaintance. They are a constituted body of persons empowered by a state to enforce law, to ensure the safety of health and possessions of citizens, and to prevent crime and civil disorder. Their lawful powers include arrest and the legitimized use of force.


It is glaring the police has not rightly enforced the law to a level the citizens are content with. We will agree that there are lapses when it comes to ensuring the safety of health and possessions of citizens by the police. They have not done a fantastic job in preventing crime so far. The citizens are not pleased with the conduct of some police officers who obviously have forgotten or probably did not know the duty call of the police. Hence, some citizens have decided to accept fate and take matters into their hands. Those who can afford private security services have all gone ahead to do so while those who cannot afford such luxury are taking extra precautionary measures to stay safe. Reports of police officers harassing and extorting citizens they are expected to protect is becoming the new norm.


Hate cannot drive out hate. If we program ourselves to dislike the police, it will give some frivolous police officers more reasons to hate the citizens also. What if we try the love approach, probably it will give us the long anticipated miracle we long for with the police. By the love approach, I mean, complimenting the efforts of the police although they are obviously little efforts. By getting gifts to our regular neighborhood police officers probably for their children and by being generally nice to them. We can also look out for their basic needs while we expect them to look out for ours also. We can place our bet on love, considering love often wins.

We expect the police to be our friend. In a situation where they have not extended a friendship to us yet, there is absolutely nothing stopping us from extending our hand of friendship to the police. Who knows, they might be super glad to accept our friendship offer and be better police officers.

Love might be the way forward.

Feel free to leave a comment on ways you feel the police can improve generally.

Glad I could share a piece of my heart with you.

Heart of Dave

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  1. I love this article, HD keep on moving, I have encounters with the police but I’m must be sincere police is still my friend. And mind you in every 12 there must be a betrayer. The recent fire outbreak near my workplace during the lockdown,was made known to me by a police woman. I believe those acting all these wicked acts are those who have not been exposed to knowledge. But if we can try to make it a point of duty for those who are recruited into the force to be exposed to certain knowledge, I believe we wouldn’t complain this much.

  2. Thanks David, I will not tell you that Police is my friend .in few occasions they have proved to enemies.They loved money more than the people they claim, they are protecting.I remembered my higher Institution day coming back from school then in the busy Osodi, just under the bridge, I needed to cross the road there was no pedestrian then, I went to6a police man to assist me in crossing, he yelled and shouted at me, drove just because I was coming near the drum they were keeping the money collected from motorist. How then since then do you want me to think they are friends even since then, I have never seen anyone that behaves otherwise. How can you show them love, well, we must leave them for God and do our part. Whenever I travelled, I give them gifts, small Bible,loaf of bread, or even small money from my heart. I hate when they ask for bribe.Thanks David.

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