Few people seem optimistic that things will be alright with Nigeria in the nearest future, some are pessimistic with regards to the direction Nigeria is heading towards presently, and most, are uncertain of what the future holds for Nigeria. The fact will always be that things will remain the same except someone begins to act. I do not think it will be too much to ask, that we decide with resilient action to bring the proposed passion and energy we promise to have in the future into this present moment for us to create a better world here and now. Probably, this would turn Nigeria into a desirable nation. But sadly, our present reality is rather absurd;


Most Nigerians in their 50s upwards, when confronted with the question on the present condition of the nation, how we got to this point and what hope awaits, are mostly of the opinion and are quick to reveal that the older generation has failed on their part to redeem the nation and they also claim that it is up to the younger generation to salvage the country. I consider this excuse, quite absurd because from my understanding of failure, everyone one has had shares of failure at certain points in their lives. Failure will not and has never been a final destination or an end, it is simply part of life. What we do after failing is all that matters. Do we choose to accept failure? Or do we choose to pick ourselves back up, learn our lessons and try again with hope for better results. Sadly, the older Nigerian generation from 50 upwards are finding solace in accepting failure in governance and nation building. Sadly, they know the right steps to take but will rather not champion the right cause because they are unable to find the right forces to join their cause within their generation. Hence, they have resolved to stay in their comfort zones, accept fate, mind their businesses and family and simply gripe about bad governance and poor nation building whenever they have the opportunity or platform to. It has become comforting for them to easily say they have failed the nation and that everyone is looking up to the younger generation to redeem the country.


Although the younger generation which comprises of those in their 40s downwards, are pointing accusing fingers at the older generation for permitting the deteriorating state of the country’s affairs, unfortunately, the younger generation are not willing to sacrifice anything to make sure things change for good. Rather, most of the younger generation are buying into the idea of finding succor in other countries. They are simply eloping in mass to other developed countries where life is way much better than ours. Our best young human talents are exported without limits to other countries where they are getting adequate values for their hard works, creativities and innovations. They simply jump at opportunities to migrate because on daily basis, hope in the nation seems to fade away. Are we to blame the younger generation for simply looking out for themselves and their families by migrating in mass to other countries or is the fight to redeem this nation a lost cause?

This simply means that our reality of having a better nation is simply a mirage until we learn to change our perspectives and take action.


Would it be too much to ask both the younger and the older Nigerian generations to come together, create a force and find solutions to get rid of the common enemy that spells doom for us as a nation? My guess is that it will be a good idea to bank on the experiences of the older generation with a combination of skills from the younger generation to bring an end to the challenges we experience as a nation. Uniting in the fight against our common enemies such as; corruption and nepotism in all sectors will yield a much needed result. We need to come together, bridge the gap, identify our problems, face our fears and be confident that we are on the path to redeeming our nation from the claws of destruction.

It is true that the problems of our nation which are obviously human created are quite much. The best thing we can do for a start is to identify them. The journey of a thousand mile begins with a step. We have to be brave enough to identify our problems before we can proceed to confront them and find lasting solutions. We might fail at several attempts but we need to build up ourselves to the level where we are not afraid to try again and again. Failure is not an end, it is a process.

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Glad I could share a piece of my heart with you.

Heart of Dave

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