Ideas and love don’t come fully formed. They become more realistic as you invest in them with a firm believe that; as long as you are brave enough to start, you will succeed. It is a common feeling for most of us to crave for those things we feel are perfect. We simply love it when we get things the way we want them at first attempt. Our understanding of perfection is, when things turnout the way we planned they would. The truth is, having things turnout ship-shape, gives a special kind of joy. But the reality is; this often happens in movies and they can be all wrong.

However, from my understanding, there are things we can never have all perfect at an initial stage. They simply become clearer once we have the courage to embark on them. Two things I am convinced that never come perfect are; Ideas and Love. You simply have to be brave enough to start and rely on the chances that you will succeed as time goes.


A new and original idea can often lead to innovation. Idea is a collection of thoughts that generates in the mind with an intent. Ideas are usually birthed during brainstorming sessions or through discussions.

Love is a deep interpersonal affection of compassion and affection towards another human. Love is to be shared.

The fact that they don’t come perfect or fully formed further implies that you must invest in them for them to be perfect. You must invest your time, efforts, money and every other essential thing such as patience where needed. The journey from getting from not-fully formed to becoming fully formed is dependent on what you patiently do in-between. A definition I comfortably accept about patience is; Patience is not just the ability to wait or tolerate delay, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.


Discipline is a major ingredient to pull through on ideas and love. The secondary school (high school) level of discipline is what we require here. Remember how you had to show up to school every single weekday morning regardless of how you felt. Remember how you also had to show up to school every morning even when you were scared of not having done your assignments and knew you were liable to be punished by your teacher. You still showed up because by discipline, you were programmed to do that every school day. This level of discipline is what is expected from you towards your ideas and love life.


As long as you are breathing, you can start all over again. Don’t give up on ideas and don’t give up on love. You might fail at first attempt or even a couple of times but that shouldn’t be a reason to quit. Thomas Edison as popularly known perfected the light bulb invention after trying 10,000 times by January 1879 at his laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. Failing a class in secondary school (high school) does not imply quitting the class. You repeat the class until you succeed in it. Same applies to ideas and love.


Change can be embraced but quitting is usually not an option. You can change an idea to one that is more suitable and exciting. You can also choose to stop being in a less progressive and toxic love life to a more passionate affair. Regardless of what form you choose to embrace change, it is way more beneficial to invest than to quit on the concept of following through ideas and pursuit of love.

Glad I could share a piece of my heart with you.

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Heart of Dave