Few people seem optimistic that things will be alright with Nigeria in the nearest future, some are pessimistic with regards to the direction Nigeria is heading towards presently, and most, are uncertain of what the future holds for Nigeria. The fact will always be that things will remain the same except someone begins to act. I do not think it will be too much to ask, that we decide with resilient action to bring the proposed passion and energy we promise to have in the future into this present moment for us to create a better world here and now. Probably, this would turn Nigeria into a desirable nation. But sadly, our present reality is rather absurd;


Most Nigerians in their 50s upwards, when confronted with the question on the present condition of the nation, how we got to this point and what hope awaits, are mostly of the opinion and are quick to reveal that the older generation has failed on their part to redeem the nation and they also claim that it is up to the younger generation to salvage the country. I consider this excuse, quite absurd because from my understanding of failure, everyone one has had shares of failure at certain points in their lives. Failure will not and has never been a final destination or an end, it is simply part of life. What we do after failing is all that matters. Do we choose to accept failure? Or do we choose to pick ourselves back up, learn our lessons and try again with hope for better results. Sadly, the older Nigerian generation from 50 upwards are finding solace in accepting failure in governance and nation building. Sadly, they know the right steps to take but will rather not champion the right cause because they are unable to find the right forces to join their cause within their generation. Hence, they have resolved to stay in their comfort zones, accept fate, mind their businesses and family and simply gripe about bad governance and poor nation building whenever they have the opportunity or platform to. It has become comforting for them to easily say they have failed the nation and that everyone is looking up to the younger generation to redeem the country.


Although the younger generation which comprises of those in their 40s downwards, are pointing accusing fingers at the older generation for permitting the deteriorating state of the country’s affairs, unfortunately, the younger generation are not willing to sacrifice anything to make sure things change for good. Rather, most of the younger generation are buying into the idea of finding succor in other countries. They are simply eloping in mass to other developed countries where life is way much better than ours. Our best young human talents are exported without limits to other countries where they are getting adequate values for their hard works, creativities and innovations. They simply jump at opportunities to migrate because on daily basis, hope in the nation seems to fade away. Are we to blame the younger generation for simply looking out for themselves and their families by migrating in mass to other countries or is the fight to redeem this nation a lost cause?

This simply means that our reality of having a better nation is simply a mirage until we learn to change our perspectives and take action.


Would it be too much to ask both the younger and the older Nigerian generations to come together, create a force and find solutions to get rid of the common enemy that spells doom for us as a nation? My guess is that it will be a good idea to bank on the experiences of the older generation with a combination of skills from the younger generation to bring an end to the challenges we experience as a nation. Uniting in the fight against our common enemies such as; corruption and nepotism in all sectors will yield a much needed result. We need to come together, bridge the gap, identify our problems, face our fears and be confident that we are on the path to redeeming our nation from the claws of destruction.

It is true that the problems of our nation which are obviously human created are quite much. The best thing we can do for a start is to identify them. The journey of a thousand mile begins with a step. We have to be brave enough to identify our problems before we can proceed to confront them and find lasting solutions. We might fail at several attempts but we need to build up ourselves to the level where we are not afraid to try again and again. Failure is not an end, it is a process.

Feel free to identify some problems facing Nigeria at the comment section.

Glad I could share a piece of my heart with you.

Heart of Dave


People decide to join the police for different reasons best known to them. From my understanding, some joined because they are passionate and care about human lives, probably same way some doctors feel about human lives. These set of police officers would go the extra mile to unravel mysteries even if it means putting their lives in the line of fire. They are quite emotional and when you have the opportunity to meet them, probably to report a crime, they tend to be kind, understanding, assuring and ready to put in the extra work required to ensure that things are alright. Some chose to join because they are passionate about law and order. Those who joined because they crave to enforce law and order are those you might consider as strict officers. They do not flip or act weirdly, they simply do everything by the book, they dislike disorder. These set of officers prefer to keep it professional, they never want to be found wanting. Some people also joined the police because of power. They simply love it when they are in charge. These set, find it fascinating to be in control of others in ways they desire, hence, the police has become the safe haven where they feel supreme and in control. Finally, some people joined the police because it was the only available option of being employed . These set do not care about the hazards or commitments that come with the job, they simply want to be in a safe zone long enough to get their salaries at the end of every month. Although it is tempting to think, I choose not to believe that there are people who would join the police simply because they crave to bear guns and enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with chasing bad guys as we see in movies.


It is important to know that behind every man or woman in a police uniform, is; a father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, lover and even guardian. Yes, they are humans also just like us, which implies they are allowed to have mood swings, suffer from broken relationships, worry about a sick child, mourn the loss of a loved one and also think about children’s school fees amongst other bills we also worry about . They are not super humans, but are people who also look forward to the end of the month to take something home to family members.


The police are not expected to serve as your personal acquaintance. They are a constituted body of persons empowered by a state to enforce law, to ensure the safety of health and possessions of citizens, and to prevent crime and civil disorder. Their lawful powers include arrest and the legitimized use of force.


It is glaring the police has not rightly enforced the law to a level the citizens are content with. We will agree that there are lapses when it comes to ensuring the safety of health and possessions of citizens by the police. They have not done a fantastic job in preventing crime so far. The citizens are not pleased with the conduct of some police officers who obviously have forgotten or probably did not know the duty call of the police. Hence, some citizens have decided to accept fate and take matters into their hands. Those who can afford private security services have all gone ahead to do so while those who cannot afford such luxury are taking extra precautionary measures to stay safe. Reports of police officers harassing and extorting citizens they are expected to protect is becoming the new norm.


Hate cannot drive out hate. If we program ourselves to dislike the police, it will give some frivolous police officers more reasons to hate the citizens also. What if we try the love approach, probably it will give us the long anticipated miracle we long for with the police. By the love approach, I mean, complimenting the efforts of the police although they are obviously little efforts. By getting gifts to our regular neighborhood police officers probably for their children and by being generally nice to them. We can also look out for their basic needs while we expect them to look out for ours also. We can place our bet on love, considering love often wins.

We expect the police to be our friend. In a situation where they have not extended a friendship to us yet, there is absolutely nothing stopping us from extending our hand of friendship to the police. Who knows, they might be super glad to accept our friendship offer and be better police officers.

Love might be the way forward.

Feel free to leave a comment on ways you feel the police can improve generally.

Glad I could share a piece of my heart with you.

Heart of Dave


Aside from being let down after falling in love, there are other ways a person’s  heart can be broken. One major way, is when a country fails to deliver on promises. No doubt, our country has been found wanting when it comes to living up to expectations.  All fingers are pointing to the managers of this country as creators of the problem. Funny enough, most people still look up to the problem creators for solutions.


There are visible lapses in all sectors of Nigeria’s economy. Infrastructures are not adequately developed and utilized. From roads to healthcare, agriculture, education, electricity, natural resources management, employment and much more, there is a very wide margin that seems impossible to close when it comes to optimizing and properly harnessing our values as a nation.

I would not stress for a second in listing out problems that has befallen us as a nation because it will only serve as an unsolicited repetition of what we see and hear every day. We are constantly letting go of our strong, intelligent, creative and industrious younger generation to countries with less resources, but with capable mangers who are utilizing their potentials. 


Zuma Rock, Abuja, Nigeria

It is the duty of politicians who are the country’s managers, to fix this country because politics involves activities associated with making decisions in groups or other forms of power relations, such as distribution of resources. A politician has to be active in party politics and can also be a person holding or seeking an office in government. It is the duty of politicians to propose, support and create laws or policies that govern the land and its people. This implies that a politician can be anyone who seeks to achieve political power in any government institution.


There is a very major shift of what politics should be as the case applies to Nigeria. Politicians who are expected to propose, support and create laws or policies that govern the land and its people are focused on using the benefits and privileges of politics to seek personal gains and push for personal agendas. True politics should not in any way be self seeking it is people oriented. Those in the practice of misusing political privileges for selfish interest are not in any way, qualified to be referred to as politicians. They can be addressed as opportunists because in its true essence that’s actually who they are. It is justifiable as with human nature, to seek out personal gains and ways to make a person’s living condition better, but it should not be done on the platform of exploiting a political office.


The proven fact that the older generation has failed Nigeria politically does not imply that failing should be a Nigerian political thread or that we should live in the fear of getting involved in politics. Politics is not bad, it is an act of service for a greater good. We have to be involved in politics, bearing in mind that the office is not meant for us to push for personal gains or family interests. True politics is when we propose, support and create laws or policies that govern the land and its people without being bias. Bearing this in mind, Nigeria can be salvaged from bad politicians or opportunists.

It is up to a select few from the younger generation, to redeem Nigeria politically. The process will be a tough fight, no doubt but every sacrifice made will be worth it.

Feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts about the Nigerian political environment and what the future holds for us when the right people are involved in Nigeria’s politics.

Glad I could share a piece of my heart with you.

Heart of Dave


A lot of people are not brave enough to live their dream lives because they are afraid to die. The truth is; the brave do not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.


The appropriate gift you can give to yourself without doubt of how essential it will be for you, with respect to the direction the world is heading to, is; bravery.

Bravery is simply a courageous character or behaviour that you build overtime. It is a state of having and showing quality mental and moral strength.

Some people, often wrongly conceptualize bravery as an act of rebellion, fury and arrogance, whereas, in its true sense, bravery is the art of living without limits and living life to the fullest within your capability.


Our present day reality reveals the fact that; opinions are all around us today. Everyone seems to have an opinion which they consider valid about you. They claim to have this super kind of knowledge about everything that concerns you even when they have no clue on what the subject or issue addresses. Once you let out a plan, idea or decide to share an issue bothering you, everyone seems to bear the full spectrum and have opinions on how you should go about handling such that concerns you, giving less room to your feelings and notions about the issue. From parents to siblings, bosses, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, relatives, partners and even neighborhood super market managers, everyone seems to have an opinion about how you should live your best life.


From social media platforms to social events, all the way to professional, business and religious platforms, a lot of voices and opinions are heard. Consuming all these opinions without the right filtering mechanism will only do you less good and obviously more harm, because at the end, you will realize that you are the captain of your ship and whether you succeed or fail, it will be no man’s doing but yours. Being aware that the full weight and consequences of your decisions will fall on you alone, I consider it wise to possess an amazing level of bravery with the ability to make up your mind to pursue those dreams that keeps you up most nights.


I have never heard of a mentally or an emotionally timid person who was able to conquer amazing heights. My concept of bravery reveals that the more you invest in developing the braver version of yourself, the more people consider you lucky and the more blessed you will consider yourself to be. Bravery opens up a whole new world of unimaginable possibilities for you. It also helps you discover your true self better. Bravery takes you out of your comfort zone and stretches you to an extreme point where you never imagined you could reach. The outcome of actions you take in bravery might not result in instant success but you can be guaranteed that it will make you a better person.


We are often taught to be selfless and to consider putting others before ourselves because therein lies the secret to making the world a better place. We are pressured into thinking that the suitable question to ask is always; what can we do for others? Hence, people who are brave enough to ask what they can do for themselves, are tagged selfish, self-seeking or self centered by a judgmental society. Is it justifiable to say that you spent your whole life helping others become their best at the cost of ignoring everything you want to become? Is it a crime to love yourself more than anyone or anything in this world? My view is that, you must first learn to love yourself before you can engage in act of loving others. You cannot change the world with a broken heart. It becomes a crime when you take what belongs to others for yourself. Once you become comfortable with your brave decisions to live your best life, you are placed in a better position to do things for others.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking advice from those you trust for anything and everything you dream about. Be brave enough to pursue such without fear of failing or the fear of what others will say or do to you. There are many voices in the world today, make sure yours is the loudest in your mind.

Just be brave.

Feel free to leave a comment, sharing tips on ways to develop bravery and how it can be better applied in our lives.

Glad I could share a piece of my heart with you.

Heart of Dave.


It is the duty of a country’s military to defend the citizens against foreign and domestic enemies.


As a Nigeria civilian citizen, have you ever been in a position where you exchanged pleasantries with a random military member of any service branch (army, navy and air-force) and you thanked them for their service? It gets even closer due to the fact that some people have active military members as family members, friends and acquaintances. Have you at any point reached out or put a call through, or texted them, thanking them for their service?


We expect the Nigerian military to be a special breed of warriors forged by adversity and ready to answer the Nation’s call with an uncommon desire to succeed while protecting the Nigerian people, and their way of life. The trust of those who they have pledged to protect is paramount and their loyalty must make them humbly serve as guardian to fellow Nigerians while being always ready to defend those who are unable to defend themselves.

We expect the Nigerian military to place the welfare and security of other Nigerians before theirs. They should be able to control their emotions and actions regardless of circumstances and always serve with honour on and off the battlefield. We demand uncompromising integrity and discipline to be their standard while achieving the mission and goals established by the country.

We expect the Nigerian military to be guided by the very principles that they serve to defend the citizens.


Having stated out what I feel an average Nigerian citizen expects from the country’s military, here are some observations and issues that don’t look really pretty for our military.


I have come across several video publications where civilians were been punished and subjected to discipline by Nigerian military members for wearing or possessing camouflage print clothing.

There are only 18 countries of 195 countries in the world that prohibits civilians from wearing or possessing camouflage print clothing. Nigeria is one of the 18 countries where it is prohibited by law for civilians to possess camouflage print clothing.

To justify this prohibition, some military members have concluded that since civilians are not part of the military, it implies that they do not have the right to own or wear camouflage print clothing. My perspective is this; when you own the jersey of your favourite football team, you are fully aware that you are not part of the team, but just a supporter. Your support and unwavering commitments as a fan and supporter makes you go the extra mile to put on the jersey of your favourite football team. It’s simply done out of love and not because you train with them or play matches with them. Some football supporters go the extra mile of putting on jerseys with the name of their favourite players on them. It does not make such individuals having the name and jersey of their favourite player imposters, it makes them supporters.

I’d suggest that there should be a closer bond between the Nigerian military and civilians. A scenario where military members who see civilians on camouflage print clothing, sees supporters who appreciates their service rather than imposters.

Here’s the list of 18 countries where camouflage print clothing is prohibited for civilians: Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Dominica, Ghana, Grenada, Jamaica, Nigeria, Oman, Philippines, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


It is really disheartening to find members of the military being used by self titled high-class citizens to intimidate other citizens who are presumed to be less valuable to the society. I will spare myself the headache and emotional pain of sharing scenarios and instances of such occurrences. A good military member is one that can protect and defend citizens who are unable to defend themselves and we don’t expect less from the Nigerian military.


Change is constant and I believe that if the right values are adopted by the Nigerian military and civilian citizens, this proposed relationship will be blissful and profitable for both parties.

Be brave enough to say; ‘thank you for your service’ to any random Nigerian military member you come across or to those you know. Hopefully, we will get the best out of them in return. We need to have trust in our military not fear.

This article addresses just the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air force. It does not feature the Nigerian police, because they are law enforcement officers and a separate article might be done to address the wide gap between the police and citizens if need be, or we could just leave them to God for divine intervention.

Feel free to leave a comment below on your view or suggestions on how to have an improved relationship between the Nigerian military and civilian citizens.

Glad I could share a piece of my heart with you.

Heart of Dave


To those who have lost loved ones to Corona virus, take heart and be comforted. The sun will rise and you will smile again.

To those presently infected with COVID-19, have faith, you will recover.

To medical practitioners at the front-line of this war against Corona virus, thank you for your good works, sacrifices and perseverance.


The world at some point started moving really fast, I mean swiftly fast. The rich kept getting super richer while the poor on the other hand were finding it rather ridiculously impossible to break from the ugly cycle of poverty. Depression was hitting really hard among the younger generation below 35 who were more vulnerable to societal pressure. These vulnerable younger individuals felt they could not live up to the fancy lifestyle seen across various social media platforms. It was really hard to tell which direction the world was actually heading. It was indeed a circus of crashing carousels. It was obvious people were engrossed in some sort of pursuit that kept eluding them. Was it the pursuit of happiness? Whatever the pursuit was, more people were being trapped in oblivion.


The truth is, there is a good and bad side to everything including the dreaded Corona virus. Corona virus is bad no doubt, because it makes people sick and can also kill them. But looking at the positive policies designed to curb the spread of this pandemic we are faced with at the moment and their impacts, such as the sit at home policy, it is obvious that there is some sort of balancing happening. The world has finally applied brakes and we can breathe again. Here’s how:


Stay at home, obviously has affected several businesses that were considered non-essential during this pandemic period, but it has to a large extent, restored family values and trust. For several weeks, most people across the world were mandated to stay indoors and work from home so as to avoid contracting or spreading the virus. This really fostered good relationship among family members who obviously had no place to go to outside their homes, as most public spaces and services were closed. People who had super busy work schedules that gave them little or no time to appreciate family, could actually slowdown to think of ways to connect and reach out to family members.


People were actually able to recognize and value things that matter most to them aside just their jobs or businesses. A lot of personal questions were answered which in turn will help people live better lives. The high rate of depression among young people will no doubt drop because they had listening ears and were able to connect with family members through this pandemic period.


Personal hygiene which was treated with frivolity by many before the COVID-19 pandemic, can now be said to be a thing of the past. We now notice a general improvement in personal hygiene which is commendable and trusted to stand the test of time.


While the lock-down or stay at home directive lasted, there were less vehicles on roads which implied less emission of substances that affects our air.

The list goes on, but I’ll put up my pen here to read your comments.

Do you feel you this pandemic will have a way of healing the world? Feel free to share your experience on how you’ve been transformed into a better person or not by this experience.

Leave a comment below

Just a piece of my heart.

Heart of Dave


It’s a fact that you haven’t heard from me in a long time. I see no reason why this situation should keep up this way, do you?

I have been thinking a lot and also remembering – with a great deal of nostalgia – the days we stayed in touch with updates and information about our activities at Heart of Dave. I loved your feed-backs and I know the conversations we had were like balsam for us. That’s how true friendship from the heart really works: It brings peace of mind to all those who have the pleasure and privilege of enjoying it.

It is true that some people we care about often follow different paths for no particular reason and it’s also true that we all have days when the sun that brightens our lives chooses to stay away from us, leaving us in dark corners where no one sees us.

I’ve had my shares of both experiences. The sun that brightened me went away for a while, leaving me in a corner where it was simply impossible for you to see or reach me. While at this corner, I followed a different path for no particular reason, thereby leaving you and your care about Heart of Dave to your imaginations. It was a lonely path less traveled.

Now that I have got hold of you, I would like to enjoy your company again and make the most of this new opportunity. During the time we somehow lost communication, there were moments when I craved to tell you about new life lessons I’ve learnt. I also longed to inform you about activities I engaged in. Activities such as my love and exploration of the African continent which birthed HD Africa Magazine, my new magazine project that focuses on African leadership and lifestyle for a global audience.

Having said that, what do you think about getting together again? Let’s make up for the lost time even if it takes me climbing mountains and swimming through oceans to get to you.

I must assure you that I am closer and my heart will be more accessible to you than you could imagine. Frequently, I’ll use this platform to reach you through controversial topics I find engaging whilst still providing you with best advice.

Feel free to leave a comment below and we will think of something together.

I will always be available for you.

Thank you for being there.

Just a piece of my Heart.

Heart of Dave