A lot of people are not brave enough to live their dream lives because they are afraid to die. The truth is; the brave do not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.


The appropriate gift you can give to yourself without doubt of how essential it will be for you, with respect to the direction the world is heading to, is; bravery.

Bravery is simply a courageous character or behaviour that you build overtime. It is a state of having and showing quality mental and moral strength.

Some people, often wrongly conceptualize bravery as an act of rebellion, fury and arrogance, whereas, in its true sense, bravery is the art of living without limits and living life to the fullest within your capability.


Our present day reality reveals the fact that; opinions are all around us today. Everyone seems to have an opinion which they consider valid about you. They claim to have this super kind of knowledge about everything that concerns you even when they have no clue on what the subject or issue addresses. Once you let out a plan, idea or decide to share an issue bothering you, everyone seems to bear the full spectrum and have opinions on how you should go about handling such that concerns you, giving less room to your feelings and notions about the issue. From parents to siblings, bosses, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, relatives, partners and even neighborhood super market managers, everyone seems to have an opinion about how you should live your best life.


From social media platforms to social events, all the way to professional, business and religious platforms, a lot of voices and opinions are heard. Consuming all these opinions without the right filtering mechanism will only do you less good and obviously more harm, because at the end, you will realize that you are the captain of your ship and whether you succeed or fail, it will be no man’s doing but yours. Being aware that the full weight and consequences of your decisions will fall on you alone, I consider it wise to possess an amazing level of bravery with the ability to make up your mind to pursue those dreams that keeps you up most nights.


I have never heard of a mentally or an emotionally timid person who was able to conquer amazing heights. My concept of bravery reveals that the more you invest in developing the braver version of yourself, the more people consider you lucky and the more blessed you will consider yourself to be. Bravery opens up a whole new world of unimaginable possibilities for you. It also helps you discover your true self better. Bravery takes you out of your comfort zone and stretches you to an extreme point where you never imagined you could reach. The outcome of actions you take in bravery might not result in instant success but you can be guaranteed that it will make you a better person.


We are often taught to be selfless and to consider putting others before ourselves because therein lies the secret to making the world a better place. We are pressured into thinking that the suitable question to ask is always; what can we do for others? Hence, people who are brave enough to ask what they can do for themselves, are tagged selfish, self-seeking or self centered by a judgmental society. Is it justifiable to say that you spent your whole life helping others become their best at the cost of ignoring everything you want to become? Is it a crime to love yourself more than anyone or anything in this world? My view is that, you must first learn to love yourself before you can engage in act of loving others. You cannot change the world with a broken heart. It becomes a crime when you take what belongs to others for yourself. Once you become comfortable with your brave decisions to live your best life, you are placed in a better position to do things for others.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking advice from those you trust for anything and everything you dream about. Be brave enough to pursue such without fear of failing or the fear of what others will say or do to you. There are many voices in the world today, make sure yours is the loudest in your mind.

Just be brave.

Feel free to leave a comment, sharing tips on ways to develop bravery and how it can be better applied in our lives.

Glad I could share a piece of my heart with you.

Heart of Dave.

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  1. “you can’t change the world with a broken world.” Virtually every sentence in this piece is quotable. Thank you for this article.

    • Norman it’s always good to read your comments.

  2. Well said David. Thank you for this great piece, it gave me another perspective of life. What stood out for me today is to live the limitless life.

  3. Life is full of ups and downs. The society in general has never been this challenging and competitive, and everybody is busy running the race. In short, we can agree that the situation has become that of the ‘survival of the fittest’. The brave ones, desirous of reaching the greater heights will not be letting out their race strategies, but instead believe God and in their own inner strengths. The more we let out our plans, broadcast our strengths and weaknesses, the more distractions, condemnations and praises we get – and all these do cause failures and setbacks. Believing in oneself and putting on the armour of God are the best ways to go.

    Finally, helping others is good and profitable. But before that, run your race and stabilise, then one will be in good stead to help others. God help us.

    Well done bro Dave.

  4. Very inspiring and uplifting.

  5. Well spoken bro.Dave.
    I am blessed by your piece; very inspiring, it’s a moral booster for any reader, God bless you.
    Looking at my own life race, two things are involved:
    (1). Believing in my strength and
    (2). Trusting in God; the author and finisher of my faith.
    And he has never failed me, In any race l have been so far inspired to engage in ; has always finished in/to my favour because its both of us in that race: hearing and encouraging ourselves and silencing every other voices of discouragement from the background; praise God.
    Finally, lt’s helping the needy in which ever way you can. Its always profitable because; God loves a cheerful giver and it opens doors if blessings invariably for you.
    Thank you and it up bro. Dave.

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