To those who have lost loved ones to Corona virus, take heart and be comforted. The sun will rise and you will smile again.

To those presently infected with COVID-19, have faith, you will recover.

To medical practitioners at the front-line of this war against Corona virus, thank you for your good works, sacrifices and perseverance.


The world at some point started moving really fast, I mean swiftly fast. The rich kept getting super richer while the poor on the other hand were finding it rather ridiculously impossible to break from the ugly cycle of poverty. Depression was hitting really hard among the younger generation below 35 who were more vulnerable to societal pressure. These vulnerable younger individuals felt they could not live up to the fancy lifestyle seen across various social media platforms. It was really hard to tell which direction the world was actually heading. It was indeed a circus of crashing carousels. It was obvious people were engrossed in some sort of pursuit that kept eluding them. Was it the pursuit of happiness? Whatever the pursuit was, more people were being trapped in oblivion.


The truth is, there is a good and bad side to everything including the dreaded Corona virus. Corona virus is bad no doubt, because it makes people sick and can also kill them. But looking at the positive policies designed to curb the spread of this pandemic we are faced with at the moment and their impacts, such as the sit at home policy, it is obvious that there is some sort of balancing happening. The world has finally applied brakes and we can breathe again. Here’s how:


Stay at home, obviously has affected several businesses that were considered non-essential during this pandemic period, but it has to a large extent, restored family values and trust. For several weeks, most people across the world were mandated to stay indoors and work from home so as to avoid contracting or spreading the virus. This really fostered good relationship among family members who obviously had no place to go to outside their homes, as most public spaces and services were closed. People who had super busy work schedules that gave them little or no time to appreciate family, could actually slowdown to think of ways to connect and reach out to family members.


People were actually able to recognize and value things that matter most to them aside just their jobs or businesses. A lot of personal questions were answered which in turn will help people live better lives. The high rate of depression among young people will no doubt drop because they had listening ears and were able to connect with family members through this pandemic period.


Personal hygiene which was treated with frivolity by many before the COVID-19 pandemic, can now be said to be a thing of the past. We now notice a general improvement in personal hygiene which is commendable and trusted to stand the test of time.


While the lock-down or stay at home directive lasted, there were less vehicles on roads which implied less emission of substances that affects our air.

The list goes on, but I’ll put up my pen here to read your comments.

Do you feel you this pandemic will have a way of healing the world? Feel free to share your experience on how you’ve been transformed into a better person or not by this experience.

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Just a piece of my heart.

Heart of Dave

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  1. Love this article….It brings light in this dark time….Thanks PCM

  2. There are 2 sides of a coin and same applies to lots of things in life; Just as you’ve stated, “covid-19” has it’s positives as much as it has it’s negatives. For me, I now enjoy relationships that i’ve missed due to the hustle-bustles of life and hygiene is much improved.

  3. This period has been a blessing in disguise, most especially for those who work round the clock and have little or no time for personal development. Skills are being acquired online by lots of people; after all, we have all the time in the world. While this piece torchlights the good side of relationships that are being restored, my mind couldn’t help but flash to the number of toxic ones that have all the time in the world to explore all angles of toxicity. Some husbands who can’t stand the sight of their wifes (and vice versa) are compelled to shelter in place with the latter and what’s the result? Neighbors acting as referees, tears and cries of children making up for the absence of fans. It’s terrible! Nonetheless, I hope we all draw positives from this pandemic and the sit-at-home. Thank you for this piece.

  4. Truly, I agree there is a good side to the corona outbreak. For me I focus on two major areas.
    First, we see how vulnerable we can be without God’s help. We thought we had all the answers. Unfortunately we don’t.

    Secondly, this event will now more than ever teach the tenets and import of capacity building and skill diversification. While specialization is good, it traps an individual, limiting their options. With the turn of events, people are forced to look to their culinary skills and learn new skills. I know friends taking new courses online now to develop themselves (myself included).

    My thoughts in addition to yours HD.

  5. Pretty cool presentation, pretty cool read as well. The return of family gatherings and daily hygiene are very personal to me with the COVID-19. Finally, the entire human race now emphasis the need for family, family values and hygiene as the new norm moving forward. Great!!!

  6. Really good article. Will encourage a lot to set their priorities right and make the most of this period. There’s a good in every thing regardless. Thank You Heart of Dave

  7. I love this write up.just as you said, Corona virus pademics has it’s one positive side.
    1. People are now very close to God
    2. Personal hygiene is now being observed.

  8. This is a very inspiring write-up, am absolutely confidence that this covid 19 pandermic have increased the curiosity of Christians on what exactly is written in scriptures concerning this global pandermic.

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